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Crimsonite Games is a small independent studio, situated in the heart of Budapest, Hungary.

Our Mission

We strive to create memorable and stylish experiences that anyone can enjoy and get immersed in, while we support these innovative games with the same passion and care as we put into developing them.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide meaningful entertainment that accompanies our players for life, granting them experiences they would gladly share with others,
while our studio evolves into one of the finest in Hungary.

The idea behind Crimsonite Games was formed in 2012 by the two founders of the studio: Adam and Laszlo.

Since then, through countless experiments, prototypes and demos the developers have gained considerable experience working with the Unreal Engine and other related tools of the trade.

The years spent experimenting let the duo master their crafts and cover various key areas of development.
This led to the first commercial attempt of the studio in 2017, titled: DEADHUNTERS.

Due to the changes caused by the Corona Virus the developers decided to put their breakthrough title's development on hold and in 2020 they began to work on a new franchise: The Gordian Rooms.

Gordian Rooms 1 was launched in the September of 2020 and has been received in a very positive light, with Steam reviews standing above 90%

With the success of the first entry into the Gordian Rooms franchise, the duo decided to focus on completing their vision for these titles: a set of adventure games that have a mysterious overarching story line and mind bending gameplay!

The key people behind Crimsonite Games are Adam and Laszlo, who have shared
not only the dream to establish their very own game development studio,
but also the relentless effort and determination to see it through since they left high-school in 2012.

Adam is responsible for most of the art that goes into the games as well as the writing, sounds, webdesign and business related tasks. He has a BA degree in International Business and an MA in Marketing from Corvinus University of Budapest.

Laszlo is responsible for all of the programming, be it networking, gameplay, AI or creating shaders, he knows it all. He also contributes greatly to game design and handles all of the visual effects in every project. He has a BSC in Computer Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

The developers are always looking for new opportunities be it trying new technologies or bringing their projects to other platforms!



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